Finally, An Inexpensive Homeschool Log That Will Satisfy All of Your Homeschool Record-Keeping Needs!


Using the Homeschool Log and Record Keeper will provide you with the confidence that you are keeping complete homeschool records! With all that you have invested in your children’s education, it makes good sense to use the Homeschool Log and Record Keeper. Here a just a few of its many benefits:

• Easily adapts to fit any teaching style
• Allows you to document schooling from Sunday through Saturday
• Ingenious layout makes log extremely easy to use
• Contains 52 weekly log sheets so you will not run out
• Includes Spiritual and Character Goal sheets and Life Skills Goal sheets at the beginning of each weekly log
• Includes a Special Notes and Recordings sheet at the end of each weekly log so that you can document special projects or field trips
• Each log sheet includes a variety of subject areas, such as Reading, Writing, Math, History/Geography, Spelling/Vocabulary/Grammar, Foreign Language, Science/Health, Music, Physical Fitness, Art, and Home Economics/Life Skills
• Each log sheet also boasts an inspirational passage from the Bible
• Is simple enough that students can keep their own logs
• And much, much more!

The Homeschool Log and Record Keeper Was Designed By Two Homeschooling Moms and a Homeschooled Student...

That's why it is the easiest to use!


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Hello, our names are Sharon Hipple and Angela Broyles and we are homeschooling parents just like you. Angela's oldest daughter, Crystal Broyles helped with the design and layout of the HomeSchool Log and Record Keeper.

We created the Homeschool Log and Record Keeper after searching for our own log solution and not being able to find anything that adequately met our needs.

What we’ve created is a complete and affordable record-keeper that allows you to quickly and easily document your children’s education.

And we firmly believe that’s why our log and record keeper is so popular today. In fact, you’ve probably already seen and even used the printed version of our log! (The Homeschool Log and Record Keeper is now only available in the downloadable PDF format.)

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Click here to download your copy!

We honestly believe that our Homeschool Log and Record Keeper is the best and easiest-to-use log solution available to homeschooling parents today. But don’t take our word for it, here is what just a few of our many satisfied customers have to say about the Homeschool Log and Record Keeper.


“I have been homeschooling my children for 11 years. I started out using a Daily Planner that had big blocks. The blocks were not big enough for the notes I wanted to make. Things were a mess. I mentioned this to Sharon Hipple and she was kind enough to share her Log/Planner with me. This system made things so much easier for me and I still use it today. I can stay organized and save time! Homeschooling Moms know our time is important.” - Mrs. Elise Bibb


“This is by far the most complete and efficient logbook available for homeschoolers today. Daily record keeping is much easier because you spend less time writing what was completed each day. You can easily train even a young child to complete their log on their own.” - Dawn McCoy

Isn’t It Time That You Wrote Your Own
Homeschool Record-Keeping Success Story?

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Get the Homeschool Log and Record Keeper Today
Now Available in Convenient & Economical PDF Format!

That’s right, the very same Homeschool Log and Record Keeper that become so popular in printed format can now be downloaded instantly via the 24/7 convenience of the Internet!

And unlike the printed version, with our downloadable PDF Record Keeper, you will never have to buy another log ever again! It’s just like getting a lifetime supply of a product for just a couple dollars more than the individual product costs!

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Here’s What You Get With Your Order:

The Homeschool Log and Record Keeper contains:

• Useful Information page (info about the student)
• Teacher Resources page (to record what is being used to teach)
• Spiritual and Character Goals page
• Educational and Life Skills page
• School Transcript
• School Recording Log pages, enough for 180 days
• Special Notes and Recording page is on the back of each and every log page
• Educational Videos and Software pages (to record resources)
• Book Lists (enough to record 240 books read)
• Plus, field Trip pages to record all your field trips
• And much, much more!

Here’s How to Order:

Simply click on the Order Now button below. Remember by ordering the Homeschool Log and Record Keeper in PDF format you can enjoy the benefits of using it for years to come! Printed versions of the log are no longer available, because we want to help you save money! To order click NOW on the Order Now Button below.

Your order will be e-mailed to you by 10 P.M. Central time the day of your order.


Return Policy Disclaimer: Please note, this is a PDF file. There is not an affordable way for Homeschool to track these files once they have been downloaded. This unfortunately means that we cannot accept “returns” and give refunds for this product. Please ask any questions you have about this product before you buy it. Thanks so much and God bless you!

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