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Bluewater Publications opened in Northern Alabama in 2000; but all exploits, it was in the making long before the actual inception. When Bluewater’s founder, Angela Broyles, arrived in Alabama in the fall of 1999, she began researching the state’s history with her children, discovering new historical details she personally had never heard before. As she began uncovering this fascinating information, she recorded it in a chronological history journal. The thought occurred to her that if she had to dig so deeply to find this historical information that had not been widely disseminated to appease the political correctness of society, other parents must be struggling to locate accurate materials as well. To ensure that not only her children, but other Alabamans had an authentic account of their state’s history she chose to write an Alabama History study.


As part of her search for historical truth, Angela contacted Florence, Alabama, city historian, William Lindsey McDonald, in order to confirm that his historical account of the area’s Native Americans would be available if she added the publication as a recommended resource for her state study. When Mr. McDonald revealed to her that his health was failing, and that he would no longer be able to publish Lore of the River – The Chiefs of Long Ago, Angela immediately offered to publish his work. She felt compelled to keep this excellent, well-written chronicle available for everyone to access and enjoy. This was the beginning of a long and happy friendship between Mr. McDonald and Angela.


Of course, as the years have passed, Bluewater Publications has grown from a small local Alabama publishing house to a company with National and International distribution, making use of the most modern marketing techniques available. The genre has expanded to include Genealogy, History, Historical Fiction, Children's Literature, Inspirational Books, and Young Adult Fantasy. Along with a serious commitment to preserving historical truth and literature of redeeming value that directs the reader toward truth, Bluewater Publications maintains the highest quality standard for servicing its authors and consumers.


A large percentage of the writers we work with have never been published before; but, when you combine the coaching and dedication of the Bluewater Publications staff with a motivated and talented writer, award winning authors can and will be created.


Contact us at Bluewater Publications; we look forward to hearing from you soon!




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